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First Post

Published on:

Written by: Kay Williams

Time to start posting something on the empty “blog” section of the KK9 website!

There is so much information! Information on every topic is a click away. Why should I add to the plethora of information that is already out there? Why should I think there is anything worth sharing on KK9DogTraining.com that is unique and worth anyone’s time?

I have no good answer for the above questions.

However, clients keep signing up for classes and private lessons, so evidently there is still a need. Evidently people want and need support as they cultivate their relationships with canine family members.

There is more than enough information out there, but maybe it hasn’t been said in a way that resonates with you.

If you are here reading these words, please know that your journey and your life with your dog is important to me. Starting now there will be something new each week in the hope that a nugget here and there will be of value.

Today’s nugget: Given the choice between frequency and duration, ALWAYS go with frequency!