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KK9 Dog Training

Gentle Training For Dogs & The People Who Love Them

B.A. and M.A. Prep
1 year and up

Dogs who have complete HS will take skills to next level.

Canine Life and Social Skills Bachelors to Masters is for any age dog to ready to move to the next level in training.

Owners may opt to take the offical C.L.A.S.S. evaluation, but it is not a requirment for graduation.

Skills Covered:

  • Wait at door
  • Leashing-up manners
  • Loose-leash walking
  • Attention
  • Meet and greet
  • Leave it
  • Wait for the food bowl
  • Stay
  • Settle
  • Give and take
  • Wait in the car
  • Calmly pass dogs
  • Wait at the door
  • Sit, down and stand
  • Body handling
  • Loose-leash walking
  • Leave-it
  • Out of sight, out of mind


  • email notes
  • clicker

Upcoming Dates

  • Starting Nov 30

    6 session course $150.00

    Meets Mondays at 5:00pm

    Meeting Dates
    Nov 30 Dec 7 Dec 14 Dec 21 Dec 28 Jan 4

Terms of Service

I give my permission for Kay Williams, owner/trainer of KK9 Dog Training LLC to instruct and coach me and my dog(s) using humane and least aversive techniques for dog training.

I understand that any use of prong, choke or electronic collars are not allowed at KK9 Dog Training.

I understand that photos and/or videos of me and my dog(s) taken during the class may be used for marketing and informational ads.