KK9 Dog Training

Gentle Training For Dogs & The People Who Love Them

Learning to Learn
All ages

Dogs who are easily distracted, seem not to hear instructions, react to triggers in the environment and seem generally unable to focus will benefit from a class to learn how to be in a class.

This 3 session class is limited to 2 dogs and will have staggered entrance and exit times.

Please bring a small mat, rug or towel to each session.


  • Class Notes
  • Clicker
  • Individual instruction and attention

Upcoming Dates

  • Starting May 10

    3 session course $120.00

    Meets Mondays at 1:00pm

    Meeting Dates
    May 10 May 17 May 24

Terms of Service

I give my permission for Kay Williams, owner/trainer of KK9 Dog Training LLC to instruct and coach me and my dog(s) using humane and least aversive techniques for dog training.

I understand that any use of prong, choke or electronic collars are not allowed at KK9 Dog Training.

I understand that photos and/or videos of me and my dog(s) taken during the class may be used for marketing and informational ads.