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KK9 Dog Training

Gentle Training For Dogs & The People Who Love Them

The Short & Sweet Series

3 week beginning classes for any age dog.

Short & Sweet is a series of short, three session classes designed to target common behavioral issues.

If you don’t feel like your dog needs a full class and want to work on a specific issue, Short & Sweet has you covered!

  • Loose Leash Walking

    Learn how to have a pleasant walk with your dog at your side.

    In this class, the leash becomes a point of connection, not a point of control. Dog’s will learn to walk in the “sweet spot”, check-in on a walk, and learn cues to ensure that everyone stays safe and happy during a walk.

  • Polite Greetings

    Teach your dog to politely sit when greeting

    In this class, dog’s are rewarded for sitting to greet. Humans learn to encourage desired behaviors and break the cycle of jumping and over-zealous greeting.

  • Attention Please!

    Learn how to communicate so your dog will listen!

    In this class, discover the secret to developing a solid recall.

    Dogs will learn to pay attention when their name is called.