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KK9 Dog Training

Gentle Training For Dogs & The People Who Love Them

Loose Leash Walking
4 months and up

Learn how to have a pleasant walk with your dog at your side.

In this class, the leash becomes a point of connection, not a point of control. Dog’s will learn to walk in the “sweet spot”, check-in on a walk, and learn cues to ensure that everyone stays safe and happy during a walk.

Skills Covered:

    Check-in Keep a loose leash Stay at owner's side


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    Terms of Service

    I give my permission for Kay Williams, owner/trainer of KK9 Dog Training LLC to instruct and coach me and my dog(s) using humane and least aversive techniques for dog training.

    I understand that any use of prong, choke or electronic collars are not allowed at KK9 Dog Training.

    I understand that photos and/or videos of me and my dog(s) taken during the class may be used for marketing and informational ads.