KK9 Dog Training

Positive reinforcement training for dogs and the people who love them.


One on One Training

Why Private Lessons?

Do you feel anxious about being in a group class situation? Do the days and times for group classes conflict with your schedule? Do you want to work on specific behavior issues? Is your dog reactive? Are you worried that your dog’s reactivity will be a problem in a group class setting? Private training might be for you!

We will make sure your are comfortable in your private sessions. No judgement, no criticism! We are here to help.

My little 5 month old poodle Zak learned a lot from attending KK9’s classes. They were always patient and kind and my puppy looked forward to attending her classes! We are still continuing to practice all the techniques KK9 taught us. They also answered my e-mail questions during the week if something came up that I was not sure how to handle. I highly recommend this training program! Thanks KK9!