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The road to a happy life with your dog starts with basic obedience training.

For ages 4 months and up.


In this class we start you and your dog off with all the building blocks you'll need to have a happy, respectful and loving relationship.

Manners Matter

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  • New & Reviewed Skills:

    • Watch Me/Look
    • Sit
    • Down
    • Stay
    • Drop It/Trade
    • Leave It
    • Come When Called
    • Wait At Door


    • Email Notes
    • Clicker


    • KK9 Loveland
  • Tuition holds a spot for a class and reserves your place in the class, precluding another client from enrolling in that spot.

    Refunds cannot be issued for missed class sessions. However, if there is room in an appropriate class it may be possible, (but not guaranteed) to visit another class to make up for a missed session.

    A refund of 50 percent of tuition is available for withdrawal due to health issues or emergency circumstances.

    I understand that any use of prong, choke or electronic collars are not allowed at KK9 Dog Training.

    Please do not bring or plan to use the following:

    • prong collar
    • choke or chain collar
    • e-collar of any kind
    • bungee leash
    • flexi-leash

    Due to liability concerns, there MUST be an accompanying adult with all minors.

    I give my permission for my trainer at KK9 Dog Training LLC to instruct and coach me and my dog(s) using humane and least aversive techniques for dog training.

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