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Gentle Training For Dogs & The People Who Love Them


What Clients Say

When I got Beau 5 months ago, I searched and searched online for some group classes where I could get him and me the training we needed to make our walks less stressful when other dogs came into sight.  Many trainers will only do private sessions, but that is not what I wanted.  I found very few who do group lessons, especially for reactive dogs, at a price that I could afford.  When I happened on your website, I felt truly blessed

Join other dog owners at our Loveland studio to learn more about how to connect with your dog. 

Welcome to KK9 Dog Training!

Gentle Training For Dogs & The People Who Love Them

If you found our site, you probably have a dog or will be welcoming one in the near future. You may be looking for answers to a behavioral issue or perhaps just want to get your new puppy off to a good start.

It’s our pleasure to provide positive reinforcement training using up-to-date methods based on solid behavioral science.

We look forward to helping you connect with your dog.

What Clients Say

I can't even begin to tell you how much one training session with KK9 improved Bruce's behavior and my confidence. They gave me the tools to help make him a family member instead of a project. Everyday is better, every training session shows improvements. Bruce is a happier dog because of the training tips we received. I can't thank KK9 enough for their patience, kindness and calm with Bruce and myself.

Deborah Kropp
  • Do you have a puppy who is between 8 and 10 weeks old?

  • Does your puppy behave like an angel… until he/she doesn’t?

  • Does your puppy play appropriately… until he/she doesn’t?

  • Do you wish you had more strategies to help your puppy get the exercise and enrichment he/she needs without it - taking up your entire day?

  • Do you have a young dog who needs to learn house manners?

  • Does your dog pull you down the street?

  • Does your dog do what you want sometimes and not others?

  • Are you stressed when someone comes to your door?

  • Do you wish your dog would just listen?


For dogs who have anxiety or big feelings about new situations.


Impulse control and developing stamina with the 3 D"s (Distance, Duration, Distraction) will be our focus in Jr. College.

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Scent Games

We are thrilled to offer our clients the class they have been asking for! 

Scent Games is for anyone who wants to participate in an activity with their dog that is FUN, and also builds relationship.


You and your dog will work as a team, utilizing the dog's keen sense of smell. This engaging activity is for any dog, regardless of age or breed. No prior experience required! 

Instructor, Kristen Gruca, has extensive experience in search and rescue. She understands the power of the nose and is excited to share Scent Games that combine fun and foundations.

Come and see why so many dogs and their humans are excited about Scent Games!


The first round of Scent Games will be offered in July at an introductory rate. Click below to register today!  


3 sessions targeting behaviors that make home life with your dog more pleasant

  • Does your dog become overly excited when you come home?

  • Do you wish your dog would greet you with a sit rather than a jump?

  • Does your dog go crazy when visitors come to the door?

  • Is your dog impatient when you are preparing his meals?

  • Does your dog get so excited for a walk that you struggle to leash up?


6 sessions targeting reactive behaviors

  • Does your dog bark and lunge on leash?

  • Does you dog bark and run your fence line?

  • Is your dog overly aroused in the presence of other dogs?

  • Is it difficult to take your dog to a public place?

  • Do you worry about your dog’s reactions to people or other dogs?


One on one dog training in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Whether you are looking to help your dog learn basic manners or you want to work on specific issues like leash-pulling or door-dashing, Private Training at KK9 can help!

Schedule Your Free Phone Consultation

Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your dog and find out what services are the best fit for you!


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Exclusive KK9 Programs for Busy Humans

KK9 Dog Training offers Study Hall and Home Visits for busy humans who wish they had more time to work with their dog.

No need to try doing it all! 

Call us to find out how we can support you and your dog while you navigate your busy life!

We are ready to help!

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